1.9 Trillion

Democrats’ massive stimulus bill has very little to do with COVID relief. Biden’s $1.9 TRILLION bill puts a greater emphasis on fulfilling the political goals of the left than it does helping small businesses and American families. 

The 8th most liberal member of the House and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus conceded he is “not comfortable” with the spending level and called it “embarrassing.”Only 9% of the nearly $2 TRILLION package goes to COVID relief.An analysis by the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget found that more than 15% of the proposed package – about $300 billion – will go toward long-standing policy priorities that are “not directly related to the current crisis.” Only 1% of the spending will go toward accelerating vaccine distribution.Just 5% is focused on public health needs.The bill also requests an additional $128.6 BILLION in funding for schools.

As much as $63 BILLION in funds remains unspent from previously passed legislation.California alone has up to $8 BILLION in unspent funding, while New York has up to $5 BILLION in unspent money.The Democrats’ bill is full of pork and unrelated projects that have nothing to do with COVID relief.

$135 MILLION for the National Endowment for the Arts.Another $135 MILLION earmarked for the National Endowment for the Humanities.

$200 MILLION for the Institute of Museum and Library Services.Over

$100 MILLION for a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) expansion project just outside of Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco.$1.5 MILLION for the Seaway International Bridge, Chuck Schumer’s pet project.

$86 BILLION in a pension bailout.$800 MILLION for global food programs.$50 MILLION for the EPA for “environmental justice” and climate change programs.Any new relief funding should be targeted, temporary, and tied directly to COVID relief.RNC Research: Democrats’ Payoff to Progressive Act-By the Numbers